Collagen Powder
Collagen Powder
Collagen Powder
Collagen Powder
Collagen Powder
Collagen Powder
Collagen Powder

Collagen Powder

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*100% Pure Hydyrolysed Collagen Peptides
*Bovine Source
*Grass Fed  
*Type 1 and Type 3 collagen

At the minimum recommended dosage of 10grams (10 000mg’s) per day, our size options provide you with the following:

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Be Bright’s hydrolysed collagen powder is 100% pure and highly bio available. This means that your body can absorb the collagen very quickly. The body recognises that it is identical to the collagen you already have, which is steadily decreasing in supply. Introducing and maintaining a daily intake of Be Bright’s collagen will feed your body with the amino acids that it needs to stabilise, strengthen and improve your collagen structures which are already breaking down.


Be Bright’s collagen combats the unwanted effects of aging by

  • Smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines
  • Restoring skin collagen density and moisture
  • Relieving aching bones and joints
  • Strengthening bone, muscle, joint, tendon and cartilage health
  • Supporting gut health and targeting issues in the digestive tract
  • Speeding up muscle, tendon, cartilage and ligament recovery time
  • Improving the strength and quality of hair and nails
  • Promoting new hair growth

Mix a minimum of 10g’s / 10 000mg’s (one heaped tablespoon) into a liquid or food of your choice. Best enjoyed in smoothies, coffee, juices, stews or broths. Please ensure the collagen is completely dissolved. At the recommended daily dosage, the 350g and 700g bottles will last you up to 35 and 70 days respectively.