Our Story

Be Bright is a small team working out of sunny Durban, providing pure, potent products of the highest quality coupled with exceptional customer service. Having worked in corporate for many years, Leanne, the company’s founder, needed something new. This inspired the exploration of several countries and several paths.

She’d never been a "supplement person", but while doing her research and trialling different products, she noticed that while using collagen, her previously weak and brittle nails were becoming stronger. Also, her hair was starting to thicken and grow. Naturally, she was quick to share the product with friends and family and soon the rave reviews were pouring in. Fast forward a few months and Leanne was immersed in all things collagen.

The science was sound. She did all her homework, tested samples from multiple manufacturers but kept circling back to the one that had impressed her the most. It was the only formulation that had all the analysis, certification and quality control that satisfied her desire for unbeatable quality – and just like that a business was born.

While there was no glitz and glam in the company’s earlier days, the Be Bright team were fuelled by collagen-filled cappuccinos and encouraged by the help and support of friends and family. All of the challenges that so frequently meet businesses today were always outweighed by the exhilaration of creating a brand you could believe in.

Today, Be Bright has grown exponentially and the team takes great pride in supplying top-quality products to you - our most-valued customers.

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Be Bright

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