We love Sarah Graham. Besides making delicious, healthy and oh-so-beautiful food she also manages to balance that with being a busy mom to 3 beautiful little girls and wife to a charming husband. So how does this internationally-renowned TV chef, food blogger and author still look so poised, healthy and in control?

Well, we can’t claim all the credit but she has been using Be Bright Original Collagen for a while now. Just saying :)

“Did you know that not all Collagen powders are created equally, and having [...] used the product myself for over a year now I can happy put my hand up and say that this stuff is incredible Xx”

- Sarah Graham, Instagram @sarahgrahamfood

Sarah has been a constant inspiration to us so when we saw how our Original Collagen had helped her to enjoy the things she loves the most - getting out and enjoying the natural world - we knew we wanted to work with her.

“I have gone from almost bi-monthly visits to the physio for general aches and pains, to realising the other day that I hadn’t been for over 5 months. And during that time I’ve changed nothing drastic in my life except adding in a daily dose of collagen, and buying a new pair of running shoes. Go Figure.”


Doing more of the things you love

Ultimately that is what Be Bright is all about. When we talk about Kickstart Longevity we mean you can enjoy doing the things you love doing for longer. Whether that is playing with your children (or grandchildren), your favourite sport or simply running. We formulate our products with your longevity in mind so you can enjoy life more.

However, we understand that you have hectic lives just like Sarah. We wanted to find a way to make kickstarting your longevity as easy as possible, a simple solution to ensure that you stick with your healthy habits. That is why we partnered with Sarah to launch our Original Collagen Shot™:

“I’ve seen significant positive changes in my everyday life since I started using their products. I am honestly over the moon to be partnering with them to help launch their genius new Be Bright Original Collagen Shot™, perfect for everyday life on-the-go and for traveling.

- Sarah Graham, Instagram @sarahgrahamfood

Now you can take your Collagen anywhere. The single serving shots are perfect for popping into your bag for a coffee date with a friend - or stashing a few in your office desk so you always have your collagen at hand. It also makes traveling a cinch, you don’t need to take a whole bag of collagen with you on your weekend away in the bush.

You can follow Sarah’s Original Collagen Shot™’s journey and get some delicious recipes on her personal website - www.sarahgraham.co.za or on Instagram @sarahgrahamfood

Sarah's power breakfast

And here’s a little extra from Sarah: how to make her Everyday Protein Power Oats

1. Add ½ cup whole rolled oats to a saucepan along with ½ cup almond milk and ½ cup hot water and leave to bubble on the stove for 3-4 minutes.

2. Stir through 2 Tbsp @BeBright Collagen Powder and 1 tsp peanut butter and remove from the heat.

3. Top with 1 Tbsp mixed seeds and 1 chopped apple or banana and enjoy.


September 27, 2022